Information Decay

Screenshot of a defragmented harddrive 1999

The theory that Progress is a stepping stone toward some elevated plane of existence is not necessarily a time based, linear notion. The chaos theory proves (to the extent that it was derived) a multifaceted array of the “seemingly” random order of time. The generation of a fractal is one way to describe this theory. Things change yet nothing changes — simultaneously.

Kenneth Knowlton, pioneer of binary art and theory, examined the nature of progress through interactivity. “The computer does not make it possible to define or execute complex processes—this possibility exists independently—but the computer does make execution fast enough to be done interactively with further human decisions, accurate enough to avoid mistakes, and cheap enough to afford a great deal of experimentation. Whether the computer is defining a new branch of art is an open and difficult question, particularly in the area of works defined entirely by logic.”