Interactive Simulator 2001 ⊙

Or En Soph

Digital illustration 2004 ⊙

bau2: Newburgh <> Beacon Bridge

Participated in group exhibition 2005

“Artists often find they have to make definite choices with each brushstroke, movement or placement as they paint, sculpt or draw. When it comes to working digitally, artists like Karen Kuslansky have found more choices, more freedom and often more control in the way they work. ‘I think that sometimes the computer can be a little more of a basic instinct of drawing because you’re not looking at your hand when you’re drawing,’ Kuslansky said. ‘It requires hand-eye coordination. Your hand is not in the way when you’re on the computer. When you’re drawing, you’re watching your hand while you’re making your movements.” –Poughkeepsie Journal


Acrylic painting 2002 ⊙

TM™ Blueprint

Blueprint for Interactive Simulator 2001 ⊙

The Dance

Digital illustration 2004


Ink jet on canvas 2003 ⊙