Tablets Of Stone

Mosaic 1/2 2010 ⊙


Prototype 2007

To look out from within seems natural. Objectivity is rooted in the world outside of the viewer. However if we switch the perspective of that which is being viewed is there a clear distinction between inner and outer world? Michel Foucault’s notion of Panoptics implies there is a focal point in which all that can be viewed lies within the visible spectrum of the viewer. What happens if the viewer exists outside this visible range? In this instance looking in from without marks the transition from linear to non linear surveillance.

The Battle Against Extinction

Participated in group exhibition 2006 ⊙

“Multidisciplinary artist Karen Kuslansky’s concept of miniature sculptures is a playful and serious artistic response to the monotony of prefabricated building elements of toys. Assembled, lacking their usual context, these objects enter an arena of sophisticated sci fi art, in their own, minimalistic way.” –bau

1 & 9

Spatial Design installation ITP winter show 2007 ⊙

1 & 9 is a surreal investigation into the nature of objectivity. It is the most recent in a continuing series of prototypical forms that address the implication of interconnection. Although the title denotes opposition it also challenges our notion of a beginning and an end which is the root of objective reality.

Parallax Inverter

Prototype 2009


Sculpted metal 2007

Plasticity Of Motion

Visual investigation of motion path 2007

First Processing Sketch

Math made image 2007 ⊙